It seems that your browser or graphics card is not supported.

We recommend to use Chrome or Firefox

Please also visit and check whether your system supports WebGL.

If you are already using one of the recommended browsers and WebGL is enabled contact with us and provide the following error report.


Use orthographic camera projection

Use perspective camera projection

View the cloud from the right side

View the cloud from the top side

View the cloud from the front side

Use fly controls to navigate the point cloud

Use cursor keys and AWSD to move the camera

Use earth controls to navigate the point cloud

Drag a point and move the mouse

Use orbit controls to navigate the point cloud

The camera orbit around the center of the point cloud

Reset the camera to view the whole point cloud

Clip the point cloud using a bounding box volume

  • E: translate the bounding box
  • R: scale the bounding box
  • T: rotate the bounding box
  • C: switch clipping mode

Get the position of a point of the cloud

Measure angles between segments over points

Measure linear distances between points

Measure an area over the point cloud

Draw a profile line over the point cloud

  • Press Ctrl key while drag the final point to change profile's width

Export all measurements in DXF file format

Rotate the point cloud along the Z axis

Take a screenshot of the cloud

Remove all measures and profiles drawn over the point cloud